Sunday, 11 December 2016

Tina's #randomwritingtweet #5 - Perfect Characters

Lead TV and movie actors are typically attractive. Even if the role calls for them to look like they were dragged through the mud, underneath it all, you will still detect their better attributes. Well, you are in charge of picking the cast for your book and, guess will most likely have some good-looking characters.

Nothing wrong with that. The problem sets in when you paint them as so darn perfect that you've turned your character into a cliche. You don't want to sound cliche, and you don't want to lose credibility as a writer. Not only that, but the accidentally-perfect character is boring. One of the key ingredients to making a reader connect with your work is offering them characters that they can connect with. This is done in a variety of ways, and one is by revealing some vulnerability in your character. Perhaps your character doesn't even see himself/herself as good-looking. Perhaps the character has a scar that can't be missed. Perhaps the character is so insecure that they won't let anyone see them unless they have "fresh from the salon hair, name-brand clothes on, and every aspect of their face has been made-up, shaven, trimmed etc until they are virtually unreal. your book sci-fi? Is he or she actually a robot and nobody knows this yet?

We will never stop writing beautiful characters...not me...not you, but remember to make them three dimensional. Reveal their flaws, even if not physical, make them vulnerable to something--even the evil, hot-looking characters--and allow the reader to believe in your characters.


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