Saturday, 10 December 2016

Random Writing Tweet #1. Regard vs Regards

It might be one of my lesser mission in life, but it's a mission, nonetheless, to spread the word that the phrase "in regards to" is NOT correct. Almost everybody out there has, at some time, laughed derisively about people who say "irregardless"--yet these same people, whether they are coworkers, managers, or the president of a company, will blurt out "in regards to". I have even seen a publisher use this incorrect phrase on their website. I believe it said something like: "In regards to submissions..." Argh!

So, let's start another movement - like the one for irregardless - and inform the world that the correct phrase is "in regard to". Sounds weird at first, right? I promise it gets easier.

Here is an easy way to remember what is correct: unless you are giving your regards, the correct word, in almost all cases, is regard.

Kind Regards,

Tina Amiri :)

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