Thursday, 11 May 2017

New Cover Re-Launch of Whatever The Impulse

May 11th - The official "New Cover Re-launch" of Whatever The Impulse.

Nineteen-year-old, Night Shannien, has always trusted his father about an undisclosed threat that disallows him to form personal relationships with anyone -  even if it meant playing the role of a deaf-mute while working at his father’s bar-restaurant on the rugged Oregon coast.
       While Night's perpetual nightmares offer him clues about a betrayal, it takes a lovesick teen girl, and his father’s own girlfriend, to set off a vicious chain of events that finally expose all the dark truths and trigger Night's breaking point.
       Thrown into a world he's never known - now as a fugitive - Night is granted the immediate refuge he needs by the ideal mentor - his very own brother - but not without an unthinkable precondition. As an untapped prodigy, Night proves he can deliver the virtually impossible, but with threats at every turn, a corrupted moral code, and his past still hunting him down, Night tries to survive by following one simple guideline... Whatever The Impulse.

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