Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I had my one hour interview on ArtistFirst.com, an internet radio station, and I can't complain. Sure, knowing you're going to be on the spot, with many thousands of listeners, can leave you unable to come up with the right words--which happened--but I didn't freeze or pass out, so we're good.

If you missed the interview and would like to hear it, I was told I would receive a direct link to it in two days and I will post it then. You can also visit ArtistFirst.com (in two days or anytime beyond that) and look up past shows, then just click on my name. Anyone who caught the show live, thanks for listening.


  1. I need to do an interview and steeling myself...glad you didn't pass out!

  2. Yes, you should do an interview with them. You get a full hour for a donation of ANY amount. Just e-mail them through the link for requesting to be on the show. Good luck! Just making my rounds now...

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